The stone of love


Rose quartz has been used as an alternative remedy for many centuries. The stone serves to balance the body’s chakras and bring peace to your mind & soul.

It all starts with love…

The stone is said not only to have an effect on our body, but also on our emotions and soul. 

It is said to have strong effects on love and fertility. 

If you are lovesick or looking for a new love, the rose quartz will support you in opening up to more love in your life.

This powerful gemstone is said to bring harmony into relationships and aide in greater bonding between partners as well as have a calming affect on the mind.

And if you are homesick or have nightmares, the pink stone may also help you feel more at home within yourself, thus making you feel a greater sense of belonging.

Rose quartz is said to have a variety of effects on the body 

So it is said that it: 

    • Relieves headaches
    • Strengthens the heart and adjacent organs
    • Stimulates red blood cells 
    • Supports the healing of diseases of the genital organs, thrombosis and phlebitis
    • Keeps harmful rays from disturbing the skin
    • Affects the kidneys and nerves in a positive way
    • Reduces heavy sweating, impure skin or sleep disorders


The stone of detoxification

Pinolite is a very rare rock that can only be found inside the earth’s crust under special conditions. Due to its high magnesium content, it is also valued for its balancing effect. However, what sets it apart from all other gemstones is its unique pattern. You won’t find a single pattern twice. 

The Pinolite physically has a very strong effect on the whole organism:

It strengthens and calms the heart, stabilizes the circulation and inhibits blood clotting. It also helps prevent heart attacks.

The Pinolite supplies the lungs and the cell structure with oxygen and contributes to cellular cleansing. It cleanses the body of environmental toxins and removes deposits and stones from the kidneys, gall bladder and bladder. It helps reduce excessive body odor and balances the hormones in both the male and female bodies. It eliminates balance disorders and helps you lose weight by dehydrating the fatty tissue and stimulating the breakdown of fat deposits in the blood vessels.

The Pinolite has a relaxing and antispasmodic effect on sore muscles and cramps in internal organs such as stomach and intestinal problems.

It helps with migraines and headaches, supports the lowering of cholesterol levels, reduces the formation of thromboses and helps with tension, prostate diseases, water retention, magnesium deficiency, biliary colic, fever and chills. It relieves stomach ulcers and constipation; strengthens the uterus and teeth in pregnant women, alleviates the symptoms of PMS and helps during and after pregnancy for both the mother and child.

The Pinolite regulates metabolism especially the acid-base balance and can reduce heartburn. 

It is a popular stone for bone and skin diseases. It protects the skin from infections and fungi.




The gold from Morocco


This precious Argan oil is a real treat for the skin and combines numerous protective and high-quality regenerative properties:

It protects the skin from free radicals, repairs the skin’s hydrolipid film and provides it with optimal moisture. The skin becomes smooth, elastic, velvety and soft. The high concentration of vitamin E counteracts cell aging and the skin appears fresher and more youthful. Intensive care not only for the face, décolleté and hands, but for the whole body!

Argan oil naturally contains large amounts of vitamin E, omega 6 and antioxidants and therefore has phenomenal moisturizing and anti-aging properties. It contains 8 essential fatty acids and botanicals that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and are perfect for treating acne, rash, psoriasis and wrinkles.

This oil is cold-pressed to retain its nutrient-rich properties and filtered twice for optimal purity.

Only the highest quality grains are used.

    • Pure argan oil
    • Natural anti-aging body care
    • Argan oil as a wonderful beauty oil
    • Protects skin from free radicals
    • Protects skin from premature aging
    • Regenerates the skin
    • Optimally supplies skin with moisture
    • Has a firming effect
    • Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, sensitive skin
    • Organically controlled, certified and fairly traded
    • Your advantage: 100% original and pure



The liquid golg


Jojoba oil is excellent for skin care. It has a particularly caring, protective and smoothing effect. This is thanks to its valuable ingredients

The similarity of its structure to our skin lipids makes it particularly well tolerated for every skin and hair type.

A mixture of provitamin A, B vitamins and natural vitamin E makes our jojoba oil an effective antioxidant that has a stabilizing effect on the protective barrier of your skin.

With a high proportion of eicosenoic acid of over 70%, jojoba oil cares for your skin and gives it noticeably more elasticity and resilience. It is not comedogenic, which is why it also provides valuable support for blemished skin.

    • Vitamin A is essential for the growth, function and renewal of the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and resilient so that bacteria cannot enter easily. It has also proven effective against bacterial inflammation of the skin, for example pimples and mild acne.
    • Vitamin E is particularly effective against skin aging and supports skin elasticity. Vitamin E is also antioxidant, so that when used regularly, the skin builds up a kind of protective barrier against external influences, such as the sun and cold.
    • Jojoba oil contains fats in a particularly favorable composition, so that the fatty acids are non-fatty. This means that it is especially suitable for dry, stressed and itchy skin. The liquid wax combines with the sebum and thus helps to increase the moisture content of the skin.
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